Danny Daggenhurst is an American businessman with a variety of investments that include holdings in real estate, banking, and maybe other industries. He maintained a low profile, but after marrying Kristian Alfonso, an actress he gained a lot of popularity.

He is the chairman of a palm oil company in Bangkok. Daggenhurst is also the son of a former Greek ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Daggenhurst’s commercial ventures suggest that he has a sharp sense of investing and management.

Daggenhurst stays quiet and avoids the spotlight, even with his wife’s popularity. Danny is rarely ever seen on social media while focusing mostly on his business efforts.

Early Life and Background

Danny Daggenhurst
Danny Daggenhurst

In 1963, Danny Daggenhurst was born in the United States of America in a British family home. He showed a strong interest in business when he was very young. In the US, he continued his education and graduated with good marks.

Danny had a strong academic background and went on to have a prosperous career in the business industry, rising to prominence in the field. His early experiences laid the foundation for his future accomplishments in business and beyond by instilling in him a love for entrepreneurship and a drive for excellence.

His father was a Greek ambassador to Czechoslovakia, while his mother’s name or their profession is not unknown as yet. In addition to this, Danny has not shared any information about whether he has siblings or not. Daggerhurst believes in the Christian religion.

Danny Daggenhurst’s Career Beginning

Danny Daggenhurst

Danny Daggenhurst entered the business field with the goal of success and an ambitious mindset. He began his endeavor to become famous in the business world by using his extensive expertise and passion for entrepreneurship.

Using his experiences and knowledge of various industries as a source of inspiration, Dnny carefully laid the foundation for his business career. He started by conducting in-depth market trends and opportunity research studies.

With his wise insights and distinctive perspective, he explored many fields in search of opportunities for expansion and creativity. Daggenhurst successfully tackled the complexity of entrepreneurship by making smart decisions and taking calculated chances.

Danny showed determination and adaptability in the face of difficulties. With each project, he developed his relations and sharpened his leadership abilities, creating invaluable relationships in the business world.

He established his reputation as a dynamic and visionary businessman through hard work and determination, and has succeeded in a competitive business environment currently, he operates a palm oil company in Bangkok.

Rise to Fame

Danny Daggenhurst became well-known as the chairman of a top palm oil company. Focusing on his wide knowledge and sharp business sense, he introduced creative methods that increased productivity and durability, attracting notice on a domestic and global level.

He won recognition for his dedication and environmental protection and moral corporate conduct by leading the way in projects to advance conscientious environmental practice.

His intelligent leadership and vision established the business as a leader in the palm oil industry, propelling it to previously unprecedented levels of development and financial success.

Danny’s standing as a reputable person in business and philanthropy was further cemented by his support of social responsibility and environmental care, in addition to his corporate accomplishments.

Daggenhurst continues to make a lasting impression on the palm oil sector with his continuous commitment to quality and honesty, encouraging others to follow sustainable and ethical company procedures.

Physical Appearance

Danny Daggenhurst has a good physical appearance with brown eyes and brown hair. He stands 6 feet 2 inches and 185 centimeters or 1.85 meters while his weight is around 81 kg and 178 pounds.

This popular businessman is 61 years old as of now. Danny looks very smart and young at this age.

Personal Life

Danny Daggenhurst happily married Kristian Alfonso in 2011 in a private ceremony. Alfonso is a popular American actress, who gained enormous fame for her role as Hope Williams Brady on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The couple has a beautiful son together named Jack. Apart from this, Daggenhurst has a son named Spartan from a previous relationship and Kristian has a child named Gino from a former marriage. Danny has not been linked to any type of controversy in addition to this.

His Net Worth

Danny Daggenhurst has an estimated net worth is around $5 million as of 2024. He works a number of well-renowned companies which helped him to earn a lot of money. However, he has many sources of income where Danny earns well.

He is also best known for being the husband of Kristian Alfonso, who earns a lot of money as an actress. Daggenhurst lives a lavish and majestic lifestyle with his family members.


The life of Danny Daggenhurst represents an example of the tremendous power that intellect, perseverance, and passion can have.

His remarkable charm and inventiveness, which have enthralled audiences since his humble beginnings and quick to fame, have left a lasting influence on the business industry.

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