Like Nastya, whose real name is Anastasia Sergeyevna Radzinskaya is a well-renowned YouTuber who has amassed more than millions of admirers worldwide. Nastya’s informative and amusing videos have earned a lot of fame.

Anastasia was incorrectly diagnosed with cerebral palsy but it has not stopped her from well-known. With the help of her family, she launched her YouTube channel under the name ”Like Nastya” in 2016.

Through her platforms, Nastya has accumulated a huge fan following and more than a billion views and solidified her position as an influential star in the children’s entertainment field.

Nastya who at such a young age has already made a lasting impression on the online industry by inspiring countless people with her creativity, perseverance, and magnetic mindset.

Origin of Like Nastya

Like Nastya
Like Nastya

Like Nastya was born on 27 January 2014 in Krasnodar, Krai, Southern Russia at her loving and caring parent’s house. She had a remarkable early life despite facing challenges.

When she was very child, Anastasia was incorrectly diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the doctor said that she would never be able to speak.

Her parents gave her continuous care and created an atmosphere in which she could thrive. She was raised as the second child in her family and has an older brother whose name is Artem.

She had an early interest in watching YouTube videos, especially ones that included unboxing toy and instructional material. Her parents realized she was fascinated and started her own YouTube channel.

This child YouTuber is currently 10 years old as of 2024 having been born in 2014. Nastya has two pet dogs named Juju and Alia.

Her Step Towards Social Media

Like Nastya

Like Nastya’s professional career skyrocketed after the creation of her YouTube channel in 2016. Her helpful posts helped her channel become well-known very fast.

As her number of subscribers skyrocketed into the millions, she produced videos in English, Spanish, and Mandarin as well as another language to reach a worldwide audience.

Her YouTube channel led to a variety of opportunities including profitable business partnerships and good sales. She continues to strengthen her place as a digital influencer by collaborating on sponsored content with multiple of businesses, from toy firms to educational software developers.

Nastya has also introduced her own line of things which includes accessories, apparel, and toys that are modeled by her channel. Her career is distinguished not only by her business ventures but also by her good influence on children’s enjoyment and education.

In addition to this, Anastasia’s career has made a lasting impact on the digital media scene despite her young age, demonstrating the strength drive, tenacity, and ingenuity to obtain success.

Impact and Influence

Like Nastya

In the field of children’s entertainment, Nastya has had a significant impact and influence. She has established herself as a reliable source for parents looking to provide kids with an excellent education thanks to her interesting content.

Through learning, kindness, and creativity, she cultivates great qualities in her young audience through her content. With millions of viewers daily turning to her program, her global reach and large following witness to her widespread impact.

Beyond only providing entertainment, Like Nastya serves as an inspiration for kids all around the world, encouraging them to embrace compassion, originality, and curiosity in their daily lives.

According to Forbes, she was listed as one of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2019.

Personal Life and Physical Appearance

Like Nastya is currently single and has no boyfriend because she is a child. She spends most of her time alongside her family members engaging in activities including exploring nature, playing, and learning new things.

Her mother is Anna Radzinskaya, who was the owner of a bridal salon while her father Yuri, worked in a company.

She has a good physical appearance at 4 feet 1 inches and 124 centimeters or 1.24 meters while her weight is around 35 kg and 77 lbs. Nastya has brown eyes and brown hair which enhances her beauty.

Her Net Worth

Like Nastya has an estimated net worth is around $20 million as of 2024. Her primary source of income is being a social media star. She is active on almost every social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

She is engaged with popular brands and firms where she makes a good amount of money.

Nastya has not been involved in any type of controversy as yet.

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